Furniture Assembly

  • small bedside table £25
  • single bed frame £35
  • double bed frame £50
  • bunk beds £70
  • daybeds & flat storage beds £80
  • four poster beds £70
  • dinning table set £60
  • storage combination £90
  • ​two door wardrobe £80

The charge for assembling flat pack furniture 



Frustrating, time consuming, wobbly furniture, not clear instructions, spare parts ... really ? ​And arguments with your partner!

Most people can build flat pack furniture but have no energy or time for this delicate D.I.Y.

For a small fee you can hire professional who will assembly your new furniture in the matter of hours not days, in your home or office at time convenient to you, and even dismantle your old furniture. How often or lucky you are to get anybody over weekend? 

  • three door wardrobe £90
  • sliding door wardrobe £100
  • chest of drawers £45
  • office desk £25 to £40

Furniture over £500 value (£500 - £750) cost 15% of item's full purchase price. 

Furniture over £750 cost 10% of item's full purchase price to assembly